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FreshMushrooms Online sells magic mushroom growing kits. Magic mushroom grow kits FreshMushrooms® are made with a rye-based substrate* that is devoid of vermiculite and perlite filler layers. FreshMushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kits generate mushrooms in only a few weeks, and the high-potency magic mushrooms keep arriving, flush after flush. FreshMushrooms® maintenance-free grow kit produces fruit in 2 weeks (under optimal circumstances). The XP in the name refers to extra potency! The most recent 100% completely colonized mycelium grow kit!

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Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop is the first online American holistic health and plant-based psychedelic retailer to sell a wide range of branded items under one roof. Our mission is to be a one-stop shop for Americans wishing to buy magic mushrooms online while upholding the highest quality standards for all of the plant-based items we sell.

At Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop, we think that our customers should be able to pick from a wide range of high-quality, third-party-tested goods in order to discover the best experience for their requirements. As a result, we constantly endeavor to stock the most recent, best-quality American-sourced magic mushrooms and other mushroom-based derivatives.

Are you interested in enhancing your mental well-being and engaging in imaginative activities? An excellent method for consistently increasing your focus and output while maintaining safety and efficacy is microdosing on organically made capsules. Order capsules of magic mushrooms online. To make sure you get the ideal dosage for your needs, psilocybin doses are carefully determined. You can avoid the side effects of a complete psychedelic experience in addition to the many health benefits provided by the essential human nutrients included in our magic mushroom capsules. Once every two to three days is the recommended dosage for systemic microdosing. To avoid building a tolerance, avoid taking tablets on a daily basis.

Various Ways to Eat Magic Shrooms

Psilocybin, a hallucinogen, requires the use of magic mushrooms in order to have its effects. This indicates that for them to function, they have to communicate with your digestive system. The variety of mushrooms you select is as imaginative as the way you eat them. The dosage and its various effects are another factor. Some people only want psychedelic effects; others are searching for other impacts. specific dosages that don’t cause hallucinations appeal to specific folks. If taken in the right dosage, magic mushrooms can improve mood and heighten perception. Studies reveal that a number of brain areas become more active in a broader variety of tasks.

Tiny dose

Taking modest amounts of hallucinogens, such as psilocybin, which is naturally present in magic mushrooms, has grown in popularity in recent times. Microdosing has particularly excited tech companies and creatives in Silicon Valley, to the point where they’ve labeled it a fad. Because it enables individuals to feel the beneficial effects that hallucinogens have on interpersonal awareness, which leads to empathy, microdosing is popular among Silicon Valley workers. All these benefits of microdosing are achieved without the hallucinations that could reduce productivity at work. The greatest psilocybin mushrooms available online in the USA may be found at Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop.

Dried Shrooms

Dried mushrooms are becoming more common in the USA, partly due to rising knowledge of their potential medical benefits. Users can cure depression, anxiety, stress, headaches, cancer-related psychiatric illnesses, and addiction disorders with psilocybin mushrooms if they are aware of their various medical applications. The amount consumed at once can also affect a person’s tolerance level. Nevertheless, the effects could differ from batch to batch and throughout the different strains. Some are far more powerful than others. Select Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop if you’re searching for the greatest and most extensively studied mushrooms available in the United States.

Shroom Edibles

An enjoyable and precise method of dosing is with the edible magic mushroom. The mouthwatering selection of edibles available at the USA’s Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop online dispensary includes ice teas, gummies, chocolate mints, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with orange, dark chocolate, hot chocolate mix, jellies, and bunnies. The greatest prices on mushrooms are available when you shop at our online store. We ease the process of purchasing magic mushrooms. For both novices and seasoned users, Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop edibles are the best option. Our edibles can be ordered online and delivered straight to your house. Psilocybe Mushrooms 

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars on Sale

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars for Sale. Psilocybe Mushroom Grow Kits, based in the United States, is dedicated to providing high-quality psilocybin chocolate bars to persons seeking to take psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. Our chocolate bars come in a variety of exquisite flavors and are carefully infused with psilocybin. Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars on Sale.

Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars for Sale in My Area. Because we recognize that introducing psychedelics into one’s health regimen might be intimidating, we developed our chocolate bars for micro-dosing. This includes using psychedelics sparingly to increase mood, creativity, motivation, and concentration. Each bar contains 3000mg of psilocybin, split into 10 easily consumed squares, the ideal quantity for a microdose. Close to Me Chocolate Bars with Psychedelic Mushrooms.

Mushroom Chocolate Bar Packaging. Our chocolate bars are ideal for those who want to experience psilocybin but don’t enjoy the taste of raw mushrooms, as well as for those who want a simple and practical method to include it in their health regimen. With our psilocybin chocolate bars, you may take advantage of psilocybin’s advantages while also indulging in a tasty treat. Mushroom Chocolate Bar Packaging.

Where can I buy a One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar? Mushroom with chocolate. It is crucial to know that psilocybin chocolate bars are not legal everywhere, and the regulations governing their usage and distribution differ depending on where you live. Mushroom with chocolate. Furthermore, the use of psilocybin can have dangers and possible adverse effects such as anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis, especially when taken in high dosages or in an uncontrolled situation. Mushroom with chocolate. Where can I buy a One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy the soothing high that comes from cannabis extract applied to baked goods, sweets, chips, and other items. Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop’s extensive edibles line is made to strict standards for taste and strength, making them an excellent alternative for various over-vaping, smoking, or tincture applications.

Truffles are psilocybin mushrooms’ sclerotia, which are technically separate from “mushrooms.” The fruiting body, which contains the hallucinogenic chemicals psilocybin and psilocin, is found in the mycelium masses. In October 2007, the Dutch government declared hallucinogens or “magic mushrooms” illegal. Magic mushroom truffles may be purchased online. The sclerotia form of the hallucinogenic plant was not included in the mushroom ban because officials assumed it was weaker than mushrooms. Psilocybin truffles, which were once unpopular, are now the only legal option for manufacture. Magic truffles are now sold at high-end retailers in the Netherlands as a legal substitute for prohibited mushrooms.

What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

The most convenient approach to producing mushrooms is to use a contemporary grow kit. Psilocybe cubensis strains can be grown by anyone. When you purchase from Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA, you are well prepared, and your kit will provide you with even more joy than before. Fillers and spores are unnecessary! Growing your own magic mushrooms is simple and does not require any mycology knowledge or expertise. That is, if you use a pre-packaged magic mushroom growing kit. A single mushroom kit can produce many harvests. You may visit the mushroom farm several times in one trip! So, which is the better option for me?

How do you harvest a magic mushroom grow kit?

When gathering psilocybin mushrooms, always wear gloves and a mouth mask. Cubensis grow kits will produce their first crop in no time. After 7 days, the first caps are evident. Both low and high temperatures can stifle development. When the caps are visible, the mushrooms usually need another 7 days to fully mature. Harvesting must be done exactly! While the membranes beneath the caps are still closed, they are ready to begin harvesting. It’s too late when the membranes rupture and the spores flood forth. A 1200cc magic mushroom grow kit may produce 500g to 800g of fresh mushrooms or 50–80g of dried mushrooms.

How to grow magic mushroom?

  • Take the grow kit, plastic bag, and paperclip out of their package. Remove the grow kit’s cover (but leave the lid in place). Because you’ll need it later, the lid should be cleaned under running water.
    Place the grow kit in the provided plastic bag without the top. The bag’s aperture should be pushed beneath the base, microperforation pointing up. The bag’s opening has mostly closed at this point. The movement of air is unimportant.
  • As soon as you notice that little balls are forming, you may stand the bag upright. Watering should be avoided. The first mushrooms will begin to appear after about a week.
  • Place the grow kit somewhere with plenty of natural light and temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although magic mushrooms can grow at practically any temperature over 15 °C, the optimal temperature for harvesting is between 59.0 °F and 73.4 °F. Special heat mats are available to maintain this temperature without heating the entire area. Keep the bag slightly ajar from now on to allow some of the moisture to escape. Excess moisture is undesirable. Your first harvest will be ready around a week after the first bulbs emerge. If feasible, harvest as soon as the first spores appear!
  • These arrangements will result in many mushroom harvests. Fill the kit with new tap water after the initial harvest. This process, known as “cold shock,” revitalizes the mycelium and ensures that there is adequate moisture for the mushrooms to thrive.

Where do you get the DMT from?

I started making my own DMT because it was so hard to find, and it was the only way to guarantee a clean and consistent supply for my own explorations. It’s extracted from natural sources. In 2016, I tried putting some DMT solutions in a vape cartridge, and it worked amazingly well. Perfect the mix. Then I had to find and test tons of hardware to find out what worked best. I’ve tried and tested well over 20 different cartridges, with mixed results. I don’t want leaks, faults, or any other issues.

Do you sell any other drugs?



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Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop USA provides high-quality magic mushrooms to customers all around the United States. We have you covered if you’re searching for microdoses, dried mushrooms, edibles, or vapes. All of our products have been thoroughly tested and are completely safe to use. Come check out our alternatives, and don’t forget that we provide free delivery on purchases over $99 all around the United States!

Why buy magic mushrooms online in United States?

When looking to buy magic mushrooms online, most Americans want a discreet and easy way to get the products they want while also having the option to shop for a variety of different products, allowing them to choose the perfect psychedelic to achieve the holistic experience they seek. Why get your zoomies from a buddy of a friend when you can have safe, third-party tested items delivered to your house fast and discreetly?

There may be a lot of stigma associated with plant-based psychedelics; we’ve been there, and we know how crucial prudence and having alternatives are when purchasing psilocybin mushrooms. That’s why we created Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop United States: to provide Americans with the choices and knowledge they need to feel comfortable purchasing magic mushrooms online.


Magic mushroom growing kits with 100% mycelium

You may simply produce beautiful magic mushrooms on your own with our legal magic mushroom grow kits. Our grow kits are completely made of mycelium. As a consequence, they are already completely developed and will soon begin to sprout “pins,” allowing you to pick your first batch of fresh mushrooms in just two weeks. You may choose from a broad range of grow kits, including Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian, and Super Gold, as well as at least 12 distinct strains from our Stealthbox collection and the Copelandia grow kit, which lets you to cultivate your own trusty old Hawaiians. Sirius grow kits are the most convenient method to enter a vivid environment.