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About Us

When Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop® was founded in 2018, its goal was to sell mushrooms and produce large quantities of Mushroom® Packaging materials. We are taking on the problem of plastic pollution and substituting it with our environmentally friendly, biodegradable product. In the coming years, our organization thinks this technology will be able to eradicate EPS from the earth.

At Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop®, creating custom packaging on a large scale for a wide range of European businesses is the foundation of our business. This is not a universally applicable solution. Smaller quantities and products that are ready to buy are what many buyers need. Observing this need among small and medium-sized enterprises, we created an online platform to assist organizations in self-serving our Mushroom® Packaging, without significant obligations. In 2023, we want to add a multitude of new products to our initial lineup of six essential packaging items.

Our off-the-shelf sustainable packaging has been used by numerous start-ups and established enterprises as part of the online Mushroom® Packaging campaign to help them get off the ground. Businesses in industries including health and beauty, candlemaking, gardening, and drink suppliers are among our clientele.

Psilocybe Mushrooms Shop is always developing new goods and bringing them to market through an ongoing program. We appreciate the input we receive from our clients, and we’re constantly gathering needs and ideas to enhance our offerings.

What Mushroom® Packaging do you need?

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits is the industry leader in reliability and safety in the mushroom communityNever before has there been a more expertly dedicated team focused on bringing the positive effects of psilocybin to the masses. Our delicious chocolates will bring the same ancient psychedelics used in rituals and ceremonies for millennia straight to you in your living room. Whether you’re casually microdosing or tripping on a megadose, Shroomies is the perfect extra dose of magic for your everyday life.

We provide a wide range of fresh, wild, and farmed mushrooms of the highest quality and taste to supplement any carnivore’s diet. We work with foragers and watch the seasons all around the globe to find wild mushrooms. Furthermore, experienced cultivators cultivate organic mushrooms for us, allowing you to enjoy our high-quality mushrooms all year. The Psilocybe Mushroom Shop sells a wide range of magic mushroom items. Everything from dry magic mushrooms to microdose mushroom capsules, magic mushroom chocolates, and magic mushroom candy is available from us. The traditional golden instructors and the Brazilian cubensis are our most popular dried mushrooms online.