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mushrooms from the Amazon


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Buy Amazonian mushrooms online


Buy Amazon Mushrooms Online: Amazon Mushrooms, one of the most popular and widely available varieties on the market. They are native to the Amazon jungle of South America.


This is a great strain if you’re looking for an intense visual journey with your friends. Taking 1-2.5g of this powerful mushroom can go a long way.

Buy Amazon mushrooms


Encourages the degeneration of fear and lightens a person’s mood. The mushroom mixes sound with visuals, music with shapes and visions, and produces intense hallucinations. You can buy Amazon mushrooms online today and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Amazonian mushrooms for sale

Travel report

Ingested 2 grams

“My carpet swayed, breathed and rippled. I could see these waves coming up on the carpet and flowing out. I barely managed to make my way to bed and put my playlist on Spotify. I lay on my bed with my headphones on and closed my eyes. I let the music take me through these rooms with their bright colors and architecture. Each sound created color, space and feeling. I understood the story behind each song and why the artist created it. Sometimes it was just a black and white beat and the synthesizers created rainbows and filled the room. It was truly magnificent. Buy Amazon mushrooms online.

5 ways to consume

– Chew them carefully, to allow all the juices to come out
– More or less 45 minutes to start working, depending on stomach contents
– The less you eat beforehand, the better. It is advisable to avoid eating for a few hours

– Taking mushrooms in the form of tea will soften the specific taste
– Chop or mash the mushrooms. Place them in the teapot
– When the water boils, pour it over the mushrooms in the teapot
– Let them sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally
– Filter, serve and personalize

– Incorporating it into food will improve both the taste and the feeling of nausea that most users experience.
– Avoid adding mushrooms at any stage of cooking
– Cooking mushrooms on a pizza, for example, would result in a substandard trip experience. Instead, try adding them to sauces or toppings after the cooking phase. Buy Amazon mushrooms online.

– Capsules offer users the ability to microdose their magic mushrooms
– Experience ultimate clarity without wasting an entire day
– Using empty capsules and a grinder, you can make your own magic mushroom capsules!

– Not only is it quick and easy to take, but users claim that the acidic nature of lemon breaks down psilocybin, intensifying the subsequent trip.
– I recommend starting with half the amount of mushrooms you would normally have
– Ground magic mushrooms meet lemon juice in a small glass of your choice. Let it sit, add water and take it down all at once. Buy Amazon Mushrooms Online

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