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Buy Cambodian Mushroom Spores Online


Buy Cambodian mushroom spores online. In the wild, this species is known to tolerate heat better than any other strain. Cambodian is a hardy variety suitable for both novice and advanced microscopists.



Buy Cambodian mushroom spores online.

Buy mushroom spores online, our Spore Syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of real Cambodian spores individually packaged in a sterilized syringe and needle. In Idaho, Georgia, and California, sales will be accepted.

Spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy only. The photographs shown are for educational purposes only and originate from producers and laboratories outside the United States. Many countries, including the United States, ban cultivation. The objective of this site is not the cultivation of mushrooms. Buy Cambodian mushroom spores online.

The story of our original Cambodian spore strain is interesting and only becomes so when you manipulate it in the lab. Buy Cambodian Mushroom Spores Online

Order Cambodian mushroom spores online

Order Cambodian Mushroom Spores Online; John W. Allen Makes Another Important Discovery While Filming Near Angkor Wat
You may remember John W. Allen, a writer and world mushroom expert, from his past discoveries about mushrooms. We offer legitimate spore strains from two other Asian finds from “Mushroom John’s”, including our still viable Burma and Pink Buffalo spores. According to folklore, John Allen found the now-famous Cambodian strain while producing a film (about mushrooms, of course) near the magnificent and vast Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. John, being an exceptional mycologist, brought a sample back to the United States.

Cambodian mushroom spores for sale

Cambodian Mushroom Spores for Sale, Consequently, more samples were collected, and this unique spore strain is now available to amateur microscopists and mycologists around the world! It turns out that this account is basically accurate. In our conversation with John, he told us the real story. Contrary to common perception, he found the Cambodian spore strain, but not at the gates of Angkor Wat. However, it was near Angkor Wat, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Cambodian mushroom spores for sale

The wild behavior of the Cambodian Cubensis

The many unique and desirable properties of the Cambodian psilocybin mushroom strain make its spores a pleasure to work with and research in the laboratory. This fungus is a rapid colonizer in nature; under favorable circumstances, its mycelial carpet develops very quickly.

Is it warmer here? Because the location in Cambodia where Angkor Wat is located is quite warm, this mushroom thrives in wild environments that are a little warmer than average. Mycologists noticed this strain in natural environments where huge flushes were prevalent, even over a variety of substrates and terrains.

What is the study experience like when Cambodian spores are examined under a microscope?

On microscope slides, Cambodian spores are known for their delicate appearance. This variety is so pleasant to examine that amateur microscopists can’t help but feel inspired and inventive.
Partly due to its contaminant-resistant qualities, laboratory work with this Cambodian strain will be easier for beginners than with other strains. The procedure for inserting the slide into your microscope should be reasonably simple and quick.

Another fantastic spore to add to your collection

This Cambodian spore syringe will be a great addition to your spore collection, especially if you like Southeast Asian spore strains. Because Westerners rarely have the opportunity to study these varieties, it is a pleasure to do so. Studying this Cambodian strain along with the Burma and Pink Buffalo strains could give a microscopist the impression of participating in one of John Allen’s adventures.

Quality Spores now sells authentic Cambodian psilocybin mushroom spores.

Whether you are new to amateur microscopy or an experienced microscopist, we are confident that you will love our Cambodian spore syringes. In addition to being filled with spores, they are real, always viable, and never polluted.

What are the Angkor Wat spores?

During one of his trips to Cambodia, famous mushroom expert John Allen found the spores near the iconic Angkor Wat temple. This is one of the suggested strains for novice researchers. In nature, no mushroom produces mycelium faster than this one. Cambodian Magic Mushrooms: Psilocybe Cubensis

Why are Cambodian mushrooms so different from other varieties?

As a substrate, droppings generate larger mushrooms, but grain produces smaller but more numerous fruiting bodies. The Cambodian tolerates, and perhaps even prefers, temperatures higher than those tolerated by the majority of other strains of P. cubensis. Cambodian cubensis: culture, results, power and legality

What substrate do Cambodian mushrooms grow on?

Like most (but not all) strains, Cambodian grows on all standard substrate types and growing techniques, including PF Tek, Monotub, Shotgun, etc. As a substrate, droppings generate larger mushrooms, but grain produces smaller but more numerous fruiting bodies. Cambodian cubensis: culture, results, power and legality

What is Cambodian marijuana?

One of these strains, Cambodian I, is truly native to Cambodia. According to reports, it was a natural variant found in the wild near the famous Angkor Wat, which was later harvested and cultivated. It is renowned for its rapid colonization and development, as well as its energizing and imaginative high.


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