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Capsule machine | Size 0


capsule machine for manufacturing 500 mg capsules. Very easy to use! Grind your herbs or mushrooms and fill 24 capsules in just a few minutes.



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With the capsule machine, you can fill 24 capsules in less than 2 minutes!

Using the capsule machine

  • Crush the chosen substance into powder
  • Place the base module on the support and on a plate or bowl
  • Separate the capsules
  • Push the long part of the capsule, open end upwards, into the base module
  • Push the shorter part of the capsule into the upper module
  • Pour 1.5 tablespoons of powder into the base and sweep the closed card over the holes, filling them
  • Use the tamping tool to compact the powder if necessary and refill the base.
    Remove excess powder from the base through an open corner

  • Place the top on the base. Remove the capsule machine from the holder and place it on a flat surface.
  • Press firmly on the top
  • The capsules are now pressed together in the upper module.
  • Press the top evenly and firmly to remove all the capsules.


  • Base module, upper module, support, tamping tool, spread card, drying bag.


Place the drying bag in the pot with the capsules to avoid moisture. Buy a capsule machine online

Erowid fun fact:

Buy capsule machine online “Some psilophiles grind mushrooms; if you do, weigh the result. It is very difficult to tell how much powdered mushroom you are taking by just looking at a dose. One of the benefits of grinding your mushrooms is that you can guarantee uniform potency over a large batch. While one P. cubensis mushroom might have significantly higher potency than another, If you grind them and mix them together, all measured doses will have the same potency.” (Erowid faq magic mushrooms) Buy capsule machine online


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