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CBD Hemp Oil 10 Percent | HempCare RUBIS


HempCare RUBY 10% CBD Oil contains various unique qualities, making it an exceptional CBD oil. This CBD oil is recognized by a ruby red hue and a high cannabidol concentration of 10%.

This CBD oil includes high amounts of additional cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. HempCare RUBY 10% CBD is also rich in terpenes which give the oil a distinctive flavor and scent. One of the most common terpenes in HempCare RUBY 10% CBD oil is bisabolol.

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD oil is available in 10 ml and 30 ml

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Buy CBD Hemp Oil 10% | HempCare RUBY online

Buy CBD Hemp Oil 10 Percent | HempCare RUBY online. HempCare CBD RUBY 10% includes all natural components of the hemp plant , with the exception of the psychotropic element. In addition to Cannabidiol, there are more than 200 active compounds, including other cannabinoids and flavonoids, terpenes and phenols. It is a complete natural product containing components that our body recognizes and absorbs.



Cannabidiol (CBD) is the key component of CBD oils and is abundant in HempCare CBD RUBY. In addition, this CBD oil version includes a large amount of CBG and CBN, respectively Cannabigerol and Cannabinol. These two are considered essential cannabinoids in addition to CBD. CBG appears to have blood pressure lowering characteristics based on several research studies. It can also treat anxiety and sadness, stimulate hunger and has antimicrobial qualities. CBN improves sleep, acts against cramps and is, like many other cannabinoids, anti-inflammatory.

Color and flavor

CBD RUBY (Ruby) gets its red hue from the acidity of the flavonoid present. This component, which exists in virtually all vegetables, fruits and other culinary products, also gives our RUBY its unique taste. The contained terpenes, a characteristic plant ingredient from which many vitamins are also formed, add to both the flavor and odor of CBD RUBY. An example of a terpene existing in CBD RUBY is bisabolol. This flower-like material is known for its bacterial and fungicidal action.


Hempcare suggests starting with 5 drops of CBD RUBY twice daily under the tongue. Leave it on for about 20 seconds. The impact of this is only obvious and/or palpable in most people after a few days. In the event of an unfavorable early response, the recommended intake may be lowered. In all circumstances, consumption can also be increased. The body only absorbs what it needs, the excess is secreted through urine, sweat or otherwise.

Using CBD oill

Hempcare suggests starting with 2-3 drops of CBD hemp oil under the tongue. Leave it there for about 20 seconds. The impact of this is only obvious and/or noticeable to most individuals after a few days. CBD Hemp Oil 10 Percent | HempCare RUBIS

With an unfavorable early response, the recommended intake could be lowered. In all circumstances, consumption can also be increased. The body only absorbs what it needs, the excess excretes in urine, sweat or otherwise.

Keep in mind that your body needs time to acclimate to CBD oil. So give it time and increase the dose regularly.

The product description and therefore its application may vary. Always accept the directions for use and dosage on the product box as a starting point, this will be up to date. CBD Hemp Oil 10 Percent | HempCare RUBIS


Shake before use!

Dietary supplement

The use of this product does not replace a diversified diet or a healthy lifestyle. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before taking this product in addition to medication or if in doubt.

Store in the original, closed packaging. Store in a dark place and at room temperature. Keep out of reach of small children

If you are not using CBD oil for a long time, it is best to store CBD oil cold and dark, for example in the refrigerator. The oil can then be kept for at least 1 year. Keep in mind that viscosity decreases due to cold storage of CBD oil.

Therefore, use CBD preferably at room temperature.
Hempcare CBD Oil Testing and Batch Report

Each lot (batch) of CBD oil that our suppliers manufacture is evaluated in a specialized laboratory. The results of these analyzes each obtain their own laboratory report. You can access this laboratory report on the supplier’s website using the batch code. CBD Hemp Oil 10 Percent | HempCare RUBIS

All CBD oils you purchase from us are assigned a batch number, which you can find on the bottle. Find your Hempcare batch reports here CBD oil

How much CBD is included in 1000mg/10% CBD oil?

Therefore, a 1000 mg/10% CBD oil may contain 600 mg CBD and 400 mg CBDa as opposed to 1000 mg CBD. This is crucial information since some cannabinoids, like CBDa, have significantly fewer demonstrated benefits than CBD itself. What do the numbers mean regarding CBD potency ratings?

How to use CBD Hemp Capsules 10 mg?

Simply include Hempure 10 mg Softgels in your daily morning or evening supplement regimen, and you will never skip a day. Each 10 mg CBD softgel includes our patent-pending water-soluble phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, in addition to additional minor phytocannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, and natural terpenes. CBD 10 mg capsules available | CBD Hemp

How many CBD drops are in a 10 milliliter bottle?

Each 10ml bottle includes Cannabis Sativa L. Oil made from 100% natural hemp extract and hemp seed oil. Each bottle contains approximately 200 drops and each drop contains approximately 5 milligrams of cannabinoids. This product contains acceptable amounts of THC. Produced in an ISO9001 and BRCGS certified factory. How is our CBD 1000 mg hemp oil made? CBD Oil 10% | 1000 mg CBD Oil (10 ml) | Full Spectrum & Raw

Which CBD oil is best to buy?

Helping each other make better decisions. Diablo, with 1000 mg of CBD (10%), is our most popular product and our flagship oil. Whether you’re new to CBD or simply looking for a raw, full-spectrum tincture to support your endocannabinoid system, you can’t go wrong with this great product.


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