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Chestnut mushroom caps


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Buy brown mushroom caps online.

Buy mushroom caps online. In Japan, the chestnut (Pholiota adiposa) is a very popular farmed mushroom. It produces silky, small to medium crowns that are attractively mottled with a hazel color. They have a woodsy scent, a meaty weight, and a rich, nutty, slightly sweet taste when cooked. Chestnut mushrooms are not difficult to produce, but there may be slight difficulties in identifying them.

They are not suitable for beginner farmers or those who do not know how to correctly identify the different mushrooms species. However, growing this species can be very rewarding. Plug spawn is appropriate for projects involving 1 to 10 logs, but some log producers use it for larger projects. Buy chestnut mushroom plugs online.

Skill level Intermediate
Expand location Exterior
Incubation 12-18 months
Spawn shelf life 6 months (refrigerated)
Flavor profile Hazelnut, woody, sweet
Bag sizes 100, 500, & 1,000 points

Tools we recommend

To grow on logs using plug spawn you will need a Drill BitSealing Wax for Logs and Daubers Wax.


Click here to download our brochure on growing mushrooms on logs, stumps, and totem poles.


The stump and log technique works effectively with chestnuts in maple and oak logs. After a year of colonization above ground, the chestnut logs can be buried under 2 inches of topsoil. The mushrooms will produce fruit on logs and emerge from the earth.


If you don’t plan to use it right away, you can refrigerate your spawn for up to 6 months.


Once cultivated, chestnut mushrooms have a strong taste, which can be enhanced by thorough cooking. We suggest using its rich, nutty flavor to complement fall recipes. The best cooking methods for chestnut mushrooms are sautéing and simmering, and they are wonderful in a wide range of soups, stews, and casseroles.

Warning: identify these mushrooms carefully before picking and ingesting them. Make sure you are familiar with the deadly Galerina autumnalis, which looks like chestnuts but is poisonous.


The spawn of our mushroom caps is grown on USDA-certified organic grains and organic crops from our own crop bank. Our corks are handcrafted from a combination of locally sourced, all-natural, organic, and non-GMO woods from New England and North America.

Precautions and Consideration

If you want to eat mushrooms from the garden, make sure you cook them well. If you are consuming this species for the first time, you should start with a modest amount to test for allergies, even if it is cooked.

Warning: identify these mushrooms carefully before picking and ingesting them. Make sure you are familiar with the deadly Galerina autumnalis, which looks like chestnuts but is poisonous.
Can chestnut mushrooms be grown on logs?

Unlike portobello, cremini, and button mushrooms, which grow in composted manure, chestnut mushrooms can be grown on logs and on fruiting blocks of hardwood sawdust. Are brown and chestnut mushrooms equivalent? How to prepare chestnut mushrooms (Pholiota adiposa)

What are chestnut mushrooms?

In Japan, chestnut mushrooms (Pholiota adiposa), also known as cinnamon caps and Pholiota gras, are called numerisugitake. They are saprotrophic and sometimes parasitic fungi that grow in thick clusters on decaying wood in the wild. How to prepare chestnut mushrooms (Pholiota adiposa)

What are chestnuts used for?

In addition to being an important source of protein and other nutrients, chestnut mushrooms possess antibacterial and antitumor qualities and contain lectins that inhibit the spread of specific cancer cells. Additionally, they include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals that help treat inflammation and strengthen the immune system. Description of Chestnut Mushrooms (Pholiota adiposa)

What is the optimal method for cooking brown mushrooms?

1 cup cleaned chestnut (or shiitake, bunapi or crimini) mushrooms (or shiitake, bunapi or crimini), with stem ends cut off 8 to 10 cups vegetable broth or water, depending on how much broth you prefer 4–5 leaves kale, chard, or other sturdy greens, cut into bite-sized pieces (about 2 cups chopped) Oil is heated in a large pot.

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