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Super WildCrafted Sea Moss Gel (Raw)

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This is not at all your average sea moss sold. This combination of raw sea moss is a collective of incredible things that I have benefited from over my life and (i) that is owner Khalil Jackson. Oregano oil is known as a natural antibiotic, a powerful antioxidant, and can fight bacteria, good for treating fungal infections, and has definitely kept my immune system strong over the years. Shilajit is an ancient plant substance containing over 85 minerals and trace elements that the human body needs to function optimally and fulvic acid which helps the body absorb these minerals at the cellular level. The Prophet Muhammad once said that black cumin seed oil could cure all diseases except death. For the very reason that we legally have to say “it can” before anything we can tell you that each of these ingredients is capable of, we would like you to do a little research on each individual ingredient that we have, rest assured that we we source the highest quality. ingredients and let the magic happen. Between this wild raw sea moss/Irish moss from St. Lucia and Shilajit, there are over 100 minerals and that’s the singular reason we call our sea moss SUPER!

16 ounces



Recommended Use: Place no more than 1 tablespoon per day in your favorite flavored beverage or food to mask the taste of the foam.

-Ingredients: Raw wild sea moss, organic aloe vera juice, oregano oil, shilajit, Egyptian black cumin seed oil and grade A organic dark robust maple syrup.

16 ounces


Weight 30 ounces
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

2 reviews for Super WildCrafted Sea Moss Gel (Raw)

  1. Herman Sanchez

    Excellent, fast, and trustworthy company. Products were packaged and billed discretely, and the products arrived on time and in good condition.

  2. Sixtus Xena

    It tasted great and worked great

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