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Jeanneret Party Snacks Mushroom Capsules




Buy Jeanneret Party Snacks mushroom capsules online

Buy Jeanneret Party Snacks mushroom capsules online. Life just got a little more interesting. The ultimate party starter. Jeanneret Party Snacks contain 0.25g of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, Bee Pollen and Siberian Ginseng.

Alternatively called “Scooby Snacks”, these pills have a higher dose of the magic mushroom than microdosing, causing the user to feel the euphoric effects more quickly. Not intended to be used for travel, Party Snacks are perfect for a dance party, camping, dinner, or a relaxing day at the beach.

  • Each packet of Jeanneret Party Snacks mushroom capsules comes in a pack of 10 capsules.
  • Each 500 mg capsule contains: 250 mg Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom, 125 mg Bee Pollen and 125 mg Siberian Ginseng.


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