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Lion’s Mane Powder


The “smart” or “nerve growth factor-boosting” mushroom is the Lion’s Mane mushroom. It can help with focus, memory, and mental clarity. It has been demonstrated to increase neuron formation. One of the top-rated natural nootropics is lion’s mane!

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100 grams of pure Lion’s Mane Powder

A potent dietary supplement, Lion’s Mane Powder helps with attention, clarity of thought, and enhanced memory. In addition, it offers immune system support and gives you the amino acids you need to rebuild your muscles after a strenuous gym session.

You may effortlessly incorporate the health benefits of lion’s mane into any powerful shake or smoothie!

A supplement called Lion’s Mane Powder promotes the proliferation of neurons and nerve growth factor (NGF). This may result in increased concentration, mental clarity, stronger immunity, and happier moods. It also contains antioxidants to support overall health maintenance and amino acids, which are necessary for our bodies to function!

How to Use Medicinal Mushrooms?

1 teaspoon (1.5 grams) per day dissolved in hot water. The powder is also easy to add to shakes.

What’s inside?

Organic extract of 100% mushroom fruiting body.

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100 Grams


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