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Medium classic metal grinder 2 parts


Classic, heavy metal grinder for grinding your marijuana or other herbs. 2 rooms.



‘Classic medium metal grinder, 2 parts’

The 2-part metal grinders are composed of two sections: a lid with teeth and a grinding bowl with teeth. When preparing your herbs for rolling or putting them in a cone, a 2-part grinder is designed specifically to simplify the task.

“At Green Head & Vape Shop, we offer a wide range of 2-part metal grinders. We have models ranging from the small and discreet Greengo grinder, easy to carry in your pocket, to the powerful Santa Cruz Shredder and Raw Super Shredder. We also stock the Space Scout Stash Grinder, which collects your ground herbs while you prepare them.”

Discover our excellent selection of 2-part grinders and start grinding today!

Marque: RAW (1 article); Santa Cruz (6 articles)


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