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Reishi Extract Capsules


For millennia, traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine has utilized reishi, an ancient medicinal fungus. Optimizing oxygen transport, reducing inflammation of all kinds, supporting your body during times of increased stress to keep it healthy while you work hard to manage demanding deadlines, or need a little extra energy to help with sleep—which will allow the body more time to recuperate from the day’s activities—are just a few of the health benefits of reishi! Hormone balance may also be achieved with a daily regimen on this mystical fungus.

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120 Reishi Extract Capsules with 400mg per capsule

Reishi is a type of medicinal mushroom that has been used by thousands for years. It can be found in many natural remedies, and there are some key benefits to using it regularly:

  • Reishi optimizes oxygen transport so your cells get the nutrients they need
  • Works against different types of inflammation as well as helps prevent them
  • During busy periods or times when you’re feeling extra stressed out
  • Taking regular doses may help provide support during tough moments

Because it maximizes oxygen transmission, reishi is a potent fungus that can improve heart health and blood vessel health. It combats many forms of inflammation and aids in their avoidance during hectic times by supplying extra energy for sound sleep. Additionally, reishi is beneficial in restoring hormone balance to imbalanced or stressed-out bodies.

Have you been experiencing some late-night drowsiness? Your normal sleep rhythm will be restored with the aid of the reishi extract capsules. It’s true that these pills help to increase blood circulation and reduce tension. Two of the many reasons why more individuals are using herbal supplements as therapies are these two perks!

How to Use Medicinal Mushrooms?

2x daily 1 capsule during the meal with water.

What’s inside?

120 capsules with 400mg per capsule.

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120 Capsules


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