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bag of substrate and mushroom spawn





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a bag of substrate and mushrooms appear in a line


The quality of the substrate bag and mushroom spawn is the most important factor when producing edible mushrooms. In order to determine the effects of preparation of substrates for spawning on the growth of the mycelium of oyster mushroom species, the experiment was carried out according to a design completely randomized factorial experiment with three replications. In the experiment, the first and second factors were substrates (wheat, corn and millet) and oyster mushroom species (Florida), respectively. /i>, Citrinopileatus and Ostreatus). The results clearly demonstrated that between the different substrates used, the maximum and minimum growth rates of the mycelium were recorded, respectively, for maize and millet, and that between the different species used, the maximum and minimum growth rates of the mycelium were from Florida and Ostreatus species, respectively. The results also showed that spawn dry matter shows considerable differences after maturation complete and between substrate maximum and minimum dry matter provided respectively by the substrates of maize and millet, but it was not significant between the different species. Similarly, the substrate-species interaction showed that the maximum and minimum mycelium growth rates were respectively of Florida with a corn substrate and of Ostreatus with a millet.

  • 100% sterilized and ready for inoculation
  • Appropriate moisture content and balanced pH
  • Tested and proven for use in mycology
  • Abundant nutrients to support healthy mycelium growth
  • Ideal for growing mushrooms

The first stage of mushroom production is produced by strong eggs with increasing mycelium growth. It is the equivalent of the seeds of higher plants. The quality of spawn is considered the most important element in mushroom production (Mohammadi Goltapeh and Purjam, 2003). Mushroom production by spore cultivation due to genetic segregation is the main variety in harvest quantity and quality. While the mycelium cultivation method is very suitable from the point of view of quantity and quality for the preparation and propagation of useful stocks, This method does not constitute any characteristic segregation, and the exactly produced mushrooms will be the same as those from the mother culture (Kashi, 1996). In the past, farmers used the soil on which mushrooms grew naturally to prepare spawn.



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